Your innovations deserve protection.

Proper patent management ensures your R&D investments are profitable.

We assist you in your innovation process and in the legal management of your patent portfolio:

  • Secure your innovation process: employee invention issues and the signing of non-disclosure agreements
  • Analyse the project’s patentability, verify third-party rights (freedom of use) and risk assessment
  • Draft and file patent applications
  • Portfolio management and payment of annuities

Protect your patents:

  • Upstream action: competition intelligence, strategic advice on defending your rights, amicable and preliminary negotiations
  • Downstream action: develop attack and defence strategies (objection proceedings, infringement proceedings), arbitration and mediation

Our Expertise


Secure, protect and manage your trademarks and other distinguishing features


Protect your innovations, from the filing of your patent to its grant


Secure the protection of your product designs

Domain names

Support for your domain name management and defence strategy


Protect and use your creations