Because your creations require significant investment, we help you get the most out of them.

Use of your copyright:

  • Negotiate and draft contracts (assignment of rights, operating licences, reproduction and representation rights)
  • Draft specific contractual provisions
  • Legal advice (e.g. use of images, music, texts, or videos without the author’s
    permission, reuse of an article without the author’s consent (journalist), extent of the author’s intellectual rights over their work, etc.)
  • Awareness and training sessions for your teams

Protect your rights:

  • Develop attack and defence strategies during proceedings in France and abroad
  • Work with copyright management companies in France and abroad
  • Protect your creations on the web

Foreign legislation and employee or partnership relationships complicate the establishment of copyright. We can help you secure and enhance your rights:

  • Determining authorship (collective and collaborative works) and establishing a date certain (bailiff’s report or Soleau envelope deposit)
  • Choice of the most appropriate means of protection for the exploitation of your work
  • Drafting of assignment of rights and licensing agreements
  • Drafting of specific contractual clauses (employment contracts in particular)
  • Advice on the recognition of rights abroad
  • Defense of copyright and respect for moral rights

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