When it comes to trademarks, we are involved from the moment the sign is chosen and advise you throughout its use.

Securing your trademark:

  • Determine your needs and targets (which regions for which products and services)
  • Identify protectable / available signs and develop a workaround strategy
  • Register and renew your trademarks with the National, European and International Offices
  • Monitor procedures in constant contact with the various Offices

Protecting your trademark:

  • Upstream action: monitor your company’s trademarks or those of your competitors in
    a given region – request for customs surveillance of countries known for
    counterfeiting – amicable and preliminary negotiations – trademark purchasing
  • Downstream action: develop attack and defence strategies (opposition and
    cancellation procedures, forfeiture actions, etc.)

Manage your trademark portfolio:

  • Audit your trademark portfolio
  • Develop a protection strategy in line with your development prospects
  • Optimise your portfolio and define a development strategy suited to your needs (which industrial property title to choose? Streamline costs in relation to the extent of protection)
  • Negotiate and draft contracts (licence agreements, franchise agreements, trademark assignments, coexistence agreements, etc.)

Our Expertise


Secure, protect and manage your trademarks and other distinguishing features


Protect your innovations, from the filing of your patent to its grant


Secure the protection of your product designs

Domain names

Support for your domain name management and defence strategy


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